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Verhuisdieren matches pets with people who are looking for a second chance dog, cat or rabbit. We match in the best interest of the animal.

Why adopt a pet through Verhuisdieren??

  • Find a dog, cat or rabbit that really suits you
  • No pet trade
  • Every morning at 6 AM new matches in your e-mail


  • 900 matches per month averagely
  • Our users give us 4,4/5 stars
  • Over 2,2 milion visitors every year

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Create a search profile (zoekprofiel)

  1. Our website: the page ‘zoek huisdier' (find a pet) shows all animals that are looking for a new home. All these animals are staying with their current owner, they don't stay at Verhuisdieren. Use the filter options to search more specifically. You also see the animals with which you are not a match. Only when you create a search profile you will see which animals you are a good match with. In order to do so you will first have to create an account

    Note: is not the owner or caregiver of the animals on our website.

  2. Creating the search profile (zoekprofiel):  in order to be able to search specifically for an animal. first create an account trough 'inloggen' (log in) at the top right of the website. If you already have an account, you should already be logged in every time you visit our website. Click on zoek huisdier (search animal) to create a 'zoekprofiel' (search profile). You will automatically be taken through the questionnaire.

    Please note: the website works better if you don't use a browser extension that translates the whole page. It's better to keep the page in Dutch and then copy the individual questions to a translator in a separate tab. You can always adjust your answers or delete your search profile via the 'edit' button. The animals you see in your search profile are your matches. You can filter the matches by distance or search by name. If new matches have been added to your search profile, you will automatically be notified by email the next morning (match emails). You can create multiple search profiles, but we recommend that you do not create more than three.

    Please note: your search profile is valid for two months. You can continue this simply and free of charge by regularly clicking on the 'verlengen' (renew) button. Delete your search profile(s) if you no longer want to receive emails about new matches.

  3. Your matches: the matches are the animals that suit you best based on your preferences and lifestyle. You can save your matches and mark them as a favorite (heart), so that they can be easily found in your search profile. If you would like to get in touch with the owner/foundation/host family of one of your matches, we ask you to become our supporter. As soon as you are our supporter, you can show interest in your match though the button 'toon interesse' (show interest) and then the contact details of the owner/foundation/host family will be visible in the animal's profile.

    Note: not a match with a certain animal you've seen? There is always a reason why you don't match with an animal. This may be something that is surmountable, such as size or age, but it may also be something you are really not looking for in the animal, such as hunting instinct or that the animal cannot be with children. You can always see on which points you don't match by clicking on 'Waarom match ik niet' (Why don't I match?) in the animals profile. It will show you on which points of the questionnaire you don't match.

  4. Supporterschap (supporter fee): for a minimum contribution of € 25, you help our foundation Verhuisdieren running and realize our goal: safely rehoming second-chance pets and thus preventing asylum placement. So you don't pay for just one animal, but for all animals. You can easily become our 'supporter' via your account. The supportership is then automatically linked to your account and you can therefore immediately show interest in your matches.

    Note: if  you do not have internet banking, you can also transfer the supporter contribution. Please always send an email to so that we can manually link your supportership to your account.
    - The supporter fee is valid for one year
    - The supporter fee cannot be reclaimed

  • Show interest: if you click on the match of your choice via your search profile and then click on 'Interesse tonen' (show interest), the owner/foundation/host family will automatically be notified that you are seriously interested in the animal. Of course, you can always send an email or call at the times stated by the owner.

    Note: an adoption can proceed very quickly. It may be that the match you are interested in has already been reserved (gereserveerd) in the meantime. It may also sometimes take a while for the owner/foundation/host family to contact you, but within 12 to 24 hours is normal. Always check your spam folder. Still haven't heard anything? Then you can report it in the specific animal's profile. A message will then automatically be sent to the owner/foundation/host family with the request to contact you.

    Important to know:
    • It's not allowed to ask for a down payment for dogs, always meet the dog before you adopt the dog.
    • For cats from foundations that are currently still abroad it is allowed to ask a down payment with a maximum of €50,- 
    • It's not allowed for dogs to be adopted directly from abroad. They will always have to stay at a host family in the Netherlands or Belgium

  1. Succesmatch: are you the lucky one to adopt the animal? Congratulations! Make sure you prepare yourself well for the transfer, because you are responsible for a successful adoption. Verhuisdieren plays no role in the adoption process! Therefore always read our information pages with tips and advice about adopting a second chance pet, so that you are not faced with any surprises and can fully enjoy your new housemate. (On this page you will also find a sample reassignment agreement (overdrachtsovereenkomst) that you can download.)

    Note: It is very important to keep the contact details of the previous owner so that you can ask any questions after you have adopted the animal. Many foundations provide aftercare and use their own adoption agreement; Always read this carefully so that you know what your rights are if something unexpectedly happens Does the adoption not appear to be a good match? Always contact the previous owner or foundation first and discuss together what you are going to do. The most important thing is of course that the interests and welfare of the animal remains the first priority. Again: Verhuisdieren only makes a pre-selection from the animals on our site that might suit you best. You contact the current owner yourself and you make mutual agreements about the adoption.

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Note: Be aware of the fact that not all the users/foundations who use our platform speak or write English fluently. Make sure all communication is clear and understood.

Happy to assist you

Since the majority of our visitors are Dutch, our website is available in the Dutch language only. We understand this is not ideal, but a Google Translate translation helps out most of the time. If not, we are glad to help you by email.

Therefore you could send a brief email to Thanks for choosing Verhuisdieren!

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