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Verhuisdieren rehomes cats, dogs and rabbits online with a new owner who really suits them. Are you looking for a new home for your pet? We can help you!

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Rehome your pet

Find the perfect match for your pet

Rehoming your animal and finding a new adopter is often a hard decision. You want the best for your animal, even if you can no longer take care of him or her yourself. That's why you're looking for an adopter who matches your beloved animal very well. At Verhuisdieren we match your animal to exactly that adopter. Your animal leaves your home directly to its new home. In this way we try to spare any animal a stressful stay in a shelter. And because the rehoming the animal is not done anonymously, you know exactly where your pet will end up. This will probably give a good feeling.

To rehome your pet or not?

Rehoming your pet is not an easy decision. And in some cases, fortunately, it is not the only solution.

Help with a (behavioral) problem?

Does your animal have a (behavioral) problem? Then you can first try to tackle and solve that problem. Through our other platform - de Huisdierenschool - you can take various courses to, for example, tackle separation anxiety from your dog. Or to find out why your cat is not toilet trained?

Find a pet sitter for your animal

Do you want to rehome your animal because you (temporarily) do not have time to care for your animal, for example due to work or illness? It might be possible to find a temporary pet sitter here, but also to find more structural help with the care of your animal. Maybe this would mean you don't need to say goodbye to your beloved pet!

Search a petsitter

How do I rehome my pet?

Do you really see no other solution than rehoming your dog, cat or rabbit? We are glad to explain to you how to find a new adopter for your pet.


Make sure you prepare two descriptions of your pet. In one you will describe your animal, think of characteristics, unique qualities or oddities. And a description of why you are looking for a new owner for him or her. Also take one or more beautiful and clear photos and possibly a video.

Create a rehome profile ´Plaatsprofiel´

Now you can create a profile for your animal. Add the description of your animal and post some photos or a video. Creating a rehoming profile is free. We recommend that you always ask for an adoption fee for your animal to make sure the new adopter is serieus, we call this the 'adoption costs'. You can charge a maximum of €275 for a dog, €75 for a cat and €25 for a rabbit. Once you have created your animal's profile, our platform will try to find matches of potential new adopters who best suit your pet(s). These matches are based on the needs and the character of your animals.

Create a profile

Respond to interested parties

If potential new adopters want to contact you or others, they need to become supporter of Verhuisdieren first for a once- off fee of € 25. When someone selects to be interested in your animals, they really fit your animal, so it is important they can reach you. Therefore, please indicate clearly when you can be reached and preferably respond to messages from potential adopters within 48 hours.

Keep your profile up to date

Make sure your place profile is up to date. You can indicate that your animal has been reserved, for example if you have agreed on a trial stay or if an introduction will take place soon. You can also delete interests and indicate the reason why you did not choose this potential adopter. Keeping it up to date is really polite and prevents disappointment for other interested adopters.

Delete your rehome profile

Have you found the perfect new match for your pet? Register a success match immediately (after or just before the actual transfer) and delete your rehome profile. We want to ask you to register the successmatch, because the new owners will receive tips, financial benefits and advice from us in the first year of the adoption.

Rehome your pet

Now it's time for the transfer of your pet to their new home. To find out how best to approach this, read the article: tips bij overdracht hond or tips bij overdracht kat.

Please note: before you finally decide to relocate your animal, first check this link: Huisdierenbijsluiter

Tips for faster rehoming: draw attention to your pet on your own social media channels by sharing the link of your animal's profile as it appears on our website. We also regularly have the opportunity to draw attention to animals in need of a home in various newspapers. Do you want your pet to be eligible for this? Send an email to

If you have a successful match, a donation to our foundation would be greatly appreciated. This allows us to help even more animals find their ideal match.

Happy to assist you

Since the majority of our visitors are Dutch, our website is available in the Dutch language only. We understand this is not ideal, but a Google Translate translation helps out most of the time. If not, we are glad to help you by email.

Therefore you could send a brief email to Thanks for choosing Verhuisdieren!

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